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I make high quality websites and provide amazeballs customer service. I focus on the outcome you want rather than the number of pages you need. If you want cheap and cheerful, that’s not me.

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My service is underpinned by quality, value and insight

My value is in the quality of my work and the customer service I provide.

As a technology professional with more than 23 years experience in the industry I know what works, what doesn’t, and why. I’m also able to explain it to you in non technical terms so you can understand it too.

I’m not the cheapest but I do put my customers first, that’s why most of my work is via referral or personal recommendation. Irrespective of my prices I’ll find a cost effective solution that works for you, just like I do for my other clients.

The prices below are intended as a guide, please do contact me with your individual requirement if you want a more detailed pricing outline.

If all you need is a cheap website then click here, that’s not me.

I maintain a limited number of paying clients at any one time (some for more than 10 years) so you’ll always get the support you need. For every paying client, I help a local business for free.


There are some guide prices below to help your planning. Naturally I’d prefer to talk so I can understand your objectives and business priorities – that allows me to work out exactly what help you do and don’t need. That may bring prices down so do get in touch if you want to chat. (This is very much like asking, “how much is that bike?”)

Website design and development

I do not price “per page” – this leads to poor content design that goes against Google’s guidelines. That’s an amateurish approach best avoided. It also forces your web developer to focus on the parts of your website and not the whole. That’s an opportunity missed.

I don’t do layout design and graphics any more. If you’re going to tell me ‘I’ll know what I want when I see it’ well that’s great, because that means I’ll know what you want when I see it too. So go and check out some website galleries and see if you can find something you like. Ultra bespoke is not my bag; quality, simple and intuitive is – call me if you want to talk this through.

Pay as you go solutions

My preferred approach to website development is subscription based rather than the usual large up front fee plus annual hosting. It’ll work out cheaper for you, you get a better service and I’m on hand whenever you need it.

  • Small business website : from £39 per month
  • Core monthly package : £59 per month
  • Performance monthly package : £129 per month
  • Advanced monthly package : from £199 per month

Monthly packages include development, hosting, SEO, ongoing support and maintenance. There is no up front fee in addition to these prices. A minimum term applies (12 months). You’ll be interested to know that I’ve had clients for 10 years plus on this arrangement, it’s more cost effective and gives peace of mind.

Pay up front solutions

Alternatively if you prefer one off prices, to help you compare:

  • WordPress website development using a standard theme : from £900
  • WordPress website development using a commercial theme : from £1600
  • WordPress website development bespoke to your design : Call

If all you need is a cheap and cheerful website then click here, that’s not me.


Your website needs to live somewhere on the Internet. I use Amazon’s highly resilient, industry grade hardware in some of the world’s most advanced data centres. Daily backups and up-time monitoring included.

I’ve worked with Digital Ocean, Media Temple, Microsoft Azure and a handful of other big players. I’m happy to talk through the differences to make sure we get the right approach for you.

  • Basic installation and hosting : £90 per month
  • Managed hosting : £150 per month

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Good SEO means you get found more often by more people. I can analyse any website for SEO but I only provide SEO setup and optimisation services for WordPress websites.

It’s important that the software you use for your website gives you the flexibility to change the SEO depending upon your need. WordPress does, some others don’t. Google’s algorithm changes every 6 months so SEO is something of a movable feast and you need to be able to adapt.

All my websites come with basic on site SEO included.

Website SEO review

Want to know if your website cuts the mustard with SEO, or where improvements could be made? I can review your site and report back with actionable insight to help you improve findability.

  • Website SEO review and report (home page + 3 content pages) : £240

This service includes “on site” improvements and recommended “off site” activities which you can do to improve the findabilty of your website.

SEO setup and optimisation (WordPress only)

I can install SEO on your webaite and optimise for your particular niche, sector or keywords. I am proficient in all major WordPress SEO plugins.

  • SEO setup and optimisation to your WordPress website : from £600

This service includes “on site” improvements and recommended “off site” activities which you can do to improve the findabilty of your website. This is subject to the number of pages on your website so please contact me for details.

Copywriting and content review

Poorly written content reflects badly on your business. Concise, well written content and copy will give the professional and quality impression you need to make for your audience to build trust in you. It also impacts your search engine optimisation.

People will usually find your website based on the content Google or Bing has indexed, so you need to be ranked for the right words, the right terms and the right reason.

Website content review

I can check your homepage and key service pages to review and (where appropriate) suggest a rewording that will enhance the experience for humans and search engines.

  • Web content review and report : (home page + 3 content pages) : £240

I collaborate with an experienced language professional to make sure content and copy is clear, grammatically correct, typo free and above all, clear.

Website content rewrite

I can rewrite your website content to make it more engaging, clear and compelling, no matter who your audience is.

  • Content rewrite : from £30 per hour
  • Guest blogging and content provision : Call

I work with an experienced language professional to make sure content and copy is clear, grammatically correct, typo free and above all, meaningful.

Care plans

I’ll keep your WordPress website ticking over nicely, update content and apply any software upgrades. Zero hassle for you.

WordPress maintenance

The regular updates available for WordPress make it one of the safest, most open platforms available, with more than 1000’s of developers improving code and features around the globe at any one time. Constant improvement takes a little effort, but the benefits far outweigh the cost.

  • Complete website management service from : £59 per month
  • Social media management : from £129 per month per account per platform

The closed ecosystem of tools like Duda and Squarespace means if there’s a problem, everyone’s affected and you’re reliant upon the vendor to fix it. That’s not a good place to be.

You need a developer who knows what they’re doing in case there’s a problem to be solved, not just someone who can drag and drop boxes on a screen and twiddle a few settings. 🙁

Custom theme, app or plugin development

Need a bit of custom functionality? I can code in PHP, JavaScript and HTML. Call for prices and details. Typically I won’t reinvent the wheel. If there’s something out there already that fits your need, 99 times out of 100 you’re better off using that.

Need something else?

If there’s a service you need that you don’t see here, then get in touch. I’m not a member of any business networks so rest assured I won’t refer you to someone who’s offered to scratch my back.

If I can’t help you I may know someone who can. If I do recommend anyone it’s because I know, from first hand experience, that they know their stuff.

Want to work with me?

I know what it takes to set up and run effective online presence. I make, manage and optimise websites for local businesses; my web design services include everything necessary to get an online presence to be proud of.

You might think that if you work with a smaller web design services firm you won’t get the quality or service you’d naturally associate with a bigger agency. That’s not the case. I don’t have the overheads of a large agency and if you’re doing a project with me, you know it’s me working on it and not the latest intern or some guy who used to fit kitchens for a living.

I’m as excited about your idea as you are.

If you think I can help with your project, please drop me a line. I’m always happy to have an obligation free chat and who knows, we both might learn something.

If I can’t help, I may be able to point you in the direction of someone who can!